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A Cruise to the Bahamas

I was pretty sad for our vacation to end, but super excited to get back home to our fur baby. We did a lot of relaxing during the week and you could guess, we still had an early bed time. I guess, we both just really enjoy our sleep!

The first stop after Miami, was Nassau. We spent the day at Atlantis Paradise Island Resort. They have an amazing waterpark. However, Alex and I took a mile long ride through waves, tunnels and rapids in inner tubes. Afterwards we went on a search for food and then walked through their underground aquarium. Then we made our way to Atlantis beach to relax and soak up some sun. I forgot the sunblock and wasn’t concerned about it, because I have never had sunburn.. Well, you might guess that Alex and I both got our very first sunburns. Despite never getting a sunburn, I still make use of sunblock when going to the beach or spending the day in the sun. Alex on the other hand, is still in denial that he got sunburned and thinks his extra melatonin makes his skin invincible. Ha!

On Wednesday, we became serious beach bums. We also took advantage of their day package for alcoholic drinks. Alex and I didn’t get a drink package for the cruise since neither of us have been big on drinking since we left the Marine Corps. But we took advantage of being able to purchase a day package on Coco Cay. Sipped on drinks and laid in our beach chairs soaking up all the sun. It was really a lazy day and it felt so good to just have a few drinks and relax. I also made sure to lay on the sunblock that day, cause although the sunburn I have isn’t painful, I didn’t want to risk it getting there.

Thursday, was a  day at sea. We we’re supposed to dock at Key West and spend the day there, but the winds were so bad that day, the Captain declared it unsafe to dock and started heading back towards Miami instead. I was really disappointed in not being able to dock at Key West because I was looking forward to having cell service and being able to check in on Dobby. We holed up in our stateroom and watched movies. I also broke out Candy Crush that I have not played in years. Sadly, it relapsed my addiction to the game!

On Friday, we got back to Miami and spent the evening there. We went to a amazing restaurant recommended by one of Alex’s friends and everything, especially the peanut butter bomb was delicious! On Saturday morning we flew back to DC and we’re so excited to get home and see Dobby. I can’t thank my brother and sister-in-law enough for caring for our baby.

All these photos were taken with my Fuji X100.

bahamas-wedding-photographer_0001 bahamas-wedding-photographer_0002 bahamas-wedding-photographer_0003 bahamas-wedding-photographer_0004 bahamas-wedding-photographer_0005 bahamas-wedding-photographer_0006 bahamas-wedding-photographer_0007 bahamas-wedding-photographer_0008 bahamas-wedding-photographer_0009 bahamas-wedding-photographer_0010 bahamas-wedding-photographer_0011 bahamas-wedding-photographer_0012 bahamas-wedding-photographer_0013 bahamas-wedding-photographer_0014 bahamas-wedding-photographer_0015 bahamas-wedding-photographer_0016 bahamas-wedding-photographer_0017 bahamas-wedding-photographer_0018 bahamas-wedding-photographer_0019 bahamas-wedding-photographer_0020 bahamas-wedding-photographer_0021

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