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Casual Wedding Color Combinations For Any Season

Written by: Wendy, a freelance writer for CV Linens.

It’s important that you let the happy couple choose the shades they adore for their wedding rather than what you believe, as an event planner, you should use, based on season, theme, or style.

If they have their hearts set for a winter nuptial but adore the warm, vibrant pops of summer, don’t feel compelled to have them skip it just to be traditional. In actuality, some of the most cherished weddings defy conventions in favor of uniqueness and personalization, including wedding colors.

Most of the time, the rest of the wedding planning will fall into place once the wedding color schemes have been decided. So, we’ve compiled the best wedding color combinations that will work for any season in order to provide you with the most to help you create your ideal shade schemes. See some of our preferred hues for wedding themes in the list below.

1.  Blush + Yellow

Pairing blush with yellow is fitting for any season—a timeless look that works well for spring, summer, and fall weddings.

Considering a bohemian or conventionally romantic wedding? It all depends on how you execute the pairing of yellow and blush for you. Bright pink and yellow will have a summery feel, while darker, more subdued shades of salmon and daffodil will have a modern desert vibe.

Styling tips to pull off a blush and yellow color theme: Instead of traditional white cake, use a pink cake with yellow icing. Utilize blush table runners on top of white tablecloths. Then, as centerpieces, use vases filled with coral flowers, daffodils, and marigolds. Finally, salmon-colored table napkins round out the look.  They’re just as beautiful as white ones!

2.  Blue + Gold

If your clients like these colors, they’re not alone; blue and gold were the top two wedding colors last year, respectively. This color scheme gives out a romantic and elegant appeal.

This beautiful wedding color combination may give the event different vibes depending on how you utilize these colors. Use preppy blue and gold stripes for a nautical feel, or play with their deeper shades if you’re going for a more regal look. Navy blue goes well with any season or style because it’s a neutral color but it’s a little more distinctive than black or white.

Styling tips to pull off a blue and gold color theme: Include white and yellow gold in the bridal bouquets, as well as dusty blue in the bridesmaid dresses and men’s ties. Have your dinnerware in metallic gold and your event tablecloths in royal blue. For centerpieces, light candles in navy blue vases to create a cozy ambience.

3.   Emerald + Orange

Emerald and orange are both secondary colors, and are often more contrasting than complimentary. However, if you want trendy wedding color combinations for Summer or Spring, you can make this uncanny blend work using appropriate decorative elements and well-thought of styling.

Emerald is a popular green color, and it can easily be used as fabric decorations, or greeneries and backdrop decors. Orange, on the other hand, is eye-catching and energetic, making it perfect for summer or spring weddings.

To put these two colors together, you can also add a third light neutral color, such as cream or ivory. You may also use matte fabrics such as lamour satin or polyester for your Emerald and Orange fabrics, and have a third glossy color such as silver.

Styling tip to pull off an Emerald and Green color combination: Use either Emerald or Orange and a neutral color for your wedding fabrics such as table linens, chair covers, and drapes. Then use the other in the combination to complement using table centerpieces, charger plates and napkins.

For example, use a neutral color for the table cover and add an emerald table runner on top. Table runners are affordable and versatile so you can easily clean and reuse them after the event. Make sure to order table runners in bulk to get more discounts at wholesale prices. 

4.  Violet + Fuchsia

Violet and fuchsia are reminiscent of hip Y2K themes, with all the bejeweled hair bands and the upbeat pop music. If the couple wants a throwback to the past decade, decorate the wedding reception with these jewel-toned color combinations for a trendy, yet elegant event styling.

Styling tips to pull off an violet and fuchsia color theme: Since these colors are naturally darker, allow a third, lighter shade (like cream or metallic gold) to liven up the palette. Silk or velvet fabrics will elevate the shades even more, so identify ways to include them throughout your space. We love the idea of wearing velvet shrugs in the cold months or using silk fabric to tie bouquet stems together.

For your wedding celebrations in 2023, don’t be afraid to try incredibly unique and fun wedding color combinations. Say “I do” to eccentric and out-of-the-box wedding themes and decorations, and let the couple surprise their guests on their wedding day!

Do you need help organizing and planning the perfect wedding events? Working with a seasoned event supplier allows you to meet your customers’ expectations.

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