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Striking imagery that showcases the joyful atmosphere and genuine emotions of your wedding celebration. 

Together, lets cultivate a purposeful life well-lived, preserving invaluable fleeting moments through photographs that will echo through the ages.
Wedding photography in Virginia
Richmond, Charlottesville and Northern Virginia

Authentic. Intentional. Lively.

You're all about celebrating the laughter, the tears, and the heartfelt embraces that make your wedding day unforgettable. Amidst the joy and excitement, we're there to capture those exciting moments your guests are filled with laughter, when your hearts overflow with emotion, and when the dance floor lights up. These candid images become the visual memories that remind you of the love, the support, and the everlasting connections that made your celebration so incredibly meaningful, lively, and one to remember.

infectious laughter and endless joy are the soundtrack of your wedding day

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"Rose truly has a gift for capturing the raw emotions and genuine moments that made our wedding day so special."

Her attention to detail and ability to make us feel at ease throughout the entire process was remarkable. The photos they delivered exceeded our expectations and will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Emily & Matt

I'm Rose, your new lifelong friend.

My intention to build a legacy rooted in love and family has shaped my vision for photographing weddings. As I witness moments unfolding, I can't help but imagine them with my own children, fostering a personal connection that infuses each photograph with heartfelt emotion and significance. From father-daughter dances to heartfelt toasts, I am filled with love and admiration as I witness the continuation of a family's legacy into the next generation.

Your relationships hold immense importance in your lives, and you cherish the bonds you share with your loved ones. I recognize the significance of capturing not only those moments of connection but also the genuine moments of joy, laughter, and heartfelt interactions among your family and friends. By documenting these precious relationships, I aim to create a visual narrative that reflects the love and support surrounding you, allowing you to relive and cherish these meaningful connections for years to come.

imagery rooted in

At the core of our approach lie three vital principles: fun, spontaneity, and authenticity. We revel in photographing celebrations that are filled with laughter, spontaneity, and genuine joy. Our commitment to genuine experiences drives us to capture every moment's true essence, ensuring that each photo tells a vibrant and authentic story. Understanding the importance of documenting unforgettable memories, we aim to immortalize not just moments, but the immense happiness and lively celebrations shared with your loved ones. These values fuel our efforts to deliver an exceptional experience tailored to your unique personality and preferences, aiming to create enduring memories that embody the true essence of your celebration.

Our goal is for the photographs we deliver and the friendship we form to live on long after our work together is complete.

authentic storytelling

Virginia Wedding photography

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She was so wonderful for both our engagement shoot + wedding day, extremely professional, and just so fun to be around. We felt instantly comfortable with her. She delivered our photos quickly, and they are stunning. We are so grateful to Rose for capturing our special day so perfectly.

"You can't go wrong hiring her as your wedding photographer"

Alexandra & Paul

They we both wonderful to be around and so helpful from start to finish. We received out gallery a month after our wedding and we could not be more in love with all of our photos.

"Rose and Maria were amazing to work with."

Jennifer & Thomas

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