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My New Favorite Skirt

I got a lot of compliments on the skirt I wore to Brittney & Adrain’s wedding at The Villa at Calverton. Wedding photographers tend to want wear things that are comfortable, yet dressy and more importantly, have pockets! If you’re nodding your head, yes, yes and yes, this is the skirt for you! I am often against wearing all black to weddings. I don’t feel it makes me “blend in” as a lot of people claim. Really, who else is wearing all black? It’s a wedding not a funeral!

I’ve been on the hunt for a good midi skirt with pockets for a while, but since I’m no fashionista, I didn’t want to pay more than 20 or 30 dollars for a skirt that would only be worn to weddings. I took to Amazon once or twice and saw this skirt, and finally decided to buy it in black since I can wear an color top I choose. I don’t think I’ve measured myself in the last month or so, but I know my waist is generally about 31 inches, maybe 30 on a good day, so I ordered a large because I would have rather had a loose fitting skirt than something that was too snug. The large was a little too loose, I had about 2 inches of room to spare, but I was fine with this. The skirt comes down to about mid-calf on me (I’m just shy of 5’2″), the material didn’t feel cheap and it has pockets for all the things!

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