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Stressing out!

I’m sitting in my car with about 30 minutes to kill before class. I dread this class every week, which is sad because I chose it as a fun elective. I mean, it’s a Photoshop class! I was already familiar with Photoshop but thought this would help me learn some things I didn’t know. So far, that hasn’t happened. The assignments are uninteresting and painfully easy that I can finish them in the first 30 minutes of the two and a half hour class. It would be great, if I could leave early, especially because the course is located in Alexandria. But leaving early means getting marked down for an unexcused absence! So I tried to be more creative with my projects to take up some more time especially since the teacher says to add something to make it your own but she never seems to like my ideas! I honestly enjoy my statistics class more than I enjoy my Photoshop class. Luckily the semester is coming to end.

At the beginning of the year, I had made the resolution to blog more, whether it be about photography, my every day life, marriage, or about being a small business owner. So I’m sad that I started out on the right foot, but quickly moved blogging to the back burner after enrolling in courses the week before the semester started. I had good intentions. I’ll pick it up again next week as I’ll be on leave from my full time position in DC to move into my new apartment and fly to California to visit Alex.

Visit Alex. That’s not right. This time I’m not just visiting! I’m flying out there and then we will embark on a cross country road trip back to Virginia as his enlistment with the Marine Corps comes to a close in just under two weeks. I’m extremely excited and utterly scared at the same time. We have never spent more than two weeks time together and now we’re about to spend a week in a vehicle and then move into an apartment together! Crazy!!! We’ve already been married for a year and people are always asking how is married life, but my response is that I don’t know yet.. Well, I’m about to figure it out!

Also coming up is wedding season! I did shoot a wedding in January which still needs to be blogged, but my real wedding season will start May 2 and I’m pretty excited! I love shooting weddings. Seeing all the details, how each one is unique and all the love the fills the air just makes me a happy person! And I have not at all been pleasant to be around the last few months! Blame it on my lack or sleep, my commute to DC and my dislike for the classes I chose to take. Things are going to get better the light at the end of this tunnel is getting brighter…

So I’ve been nothing but stressed this first quarter or the year but I’m getting through it… My thoughts are all over the place because I’m juggling so much right now…if you’re reading this send me some good vibes as I work through the next few weeks! Wish me luck! Until next time friends!

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