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No more, “See you laters” – Omar Road Trip Part 1

I can’t describe how full my heart feels to finally be with my husband and know that I won’t be saying, “See you later,” anytime soon. I was extremely nervous flying out to California knowing that I would be spending a week on the road with Alex. I was positive that only one of us would make it back to Virginia alive.

After picking me up from the airport Alex and I headed to one of the yummiest fish taco places in San Diego, Oscar’s. It’s a small place, but the tacos are delicious, and there are always people there so you know it’s good!

We stayed in California for a few days before leaving. As much as I’ve hated to admit it to Alex, I love San Diego just as much as he does. While we were there I got to photograph Alex’s friend Ryan propose to his now fiancé, Brittany. Ryan contacted me several weeks ago asking for recommendations for photographers in the area. Knowing that I would be flying out there soon I asked when he was planning to propose and that I could possibly be photograph it for him. I’m so glad it worked out because they are one gorgeous couple.

Alex and I also had anniversary photos taken while in San Diego, because what is more stunning than the beaches of Southern California?! As soon as I thought about it, I asked Alison, who took Alex’s homecoming photos, if she was available and I’m quite thankful that she was able to make it work last minute! Our session was fun, we got attacked my the tide a little and got more than wet, but from the looks of our sneak peeks.. it was well worth it.

Saturday we went to Cody’s La Jolla. I mentioned Cody’s the last time I visited San Diego. It was my third time there and it never disappoints! They have hands down, THE BEST grits I have ever had.

Sunday morning after making a trip to the store to get some essentials.. aka cookies, water, and tuna we got on the road and headed towards our first stop, The Grand Canyon. We finally made it there with a little over an hour to spare before sunset and the view is absolutely breathtaking. It is a view that every American should see at least once in their lifetime. The Grand Canyon is proof the Heaven is also here on Earth.

Monday, we had a much shorter drive to Albuquerque, where we stopped mostly to rest and of course, find a nearby gym. Alex and I both frequent the gym but it was our first time working out together and I have to say I’ve become even more attracted to my husband and his strength.

Yesterday, we stopped in Dallas after nine hours on the road we were both quite spent. However, I insisted we eat some real food… or at least somewhere we could sit down and enjoy ourselves. It might be a tad cliché, but we went to one of our favorite places, Texas Roadhouse.

We’re on the road now to New Orleans where one of my best friends, Christine is stationed. I’m so excited to see her and Alex is so excited for crawfish!

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